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Physics-inspired graph neural networks to solve combinatorial optimization problems

Combinatorial optimization problems are complex problems with a discrete but large set of possible solutions. Some of the most renowned examples of these problems are the traveling salesman, the bin-packing, and the job-shop ...

Computer Sciences

Computer scientists suggest research integrity could be at risk due to AI generated imagery

A small team of researchers at Xiamen University has expressed alarm at the ease with which bad actors can now generate fake AI imagery for use in research projects. They have published an opinion piece outlining their concerns ...

Computer Sciences

Public release of ORNL global population distribution data aids humanitarian support

It's a simple premise: To truly improve the health, safety, and security of human beings, you must first understand where those individuals are. Everything else—how many people may be in danger from a weather event, who ...

Computer Sciences

Musical algorithm classifies classics

An efficient neural network can now take a series of music files as input and define them quickly by genre and style, thanks to work published in the International Journal of Web Science. Such a system could be a boon to ...


Blockchains uphold data platform cooperation

Researchers at Aalto University have studied how the market for data could be made to function technically, especially in the world of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Computer Sciences

New brain-painting method being tested for ADHD treatment

Imagine focusing on one thing so well that you can control its movement. Now, imagine mentally selecting colors and shapes to create an abstract image—a brain painting. USF computer scientist Marvin Andujar is harnessing ...

Electronics & Semiconductors

Integrated optimal design method of complex electromechanical systems

Integrated optimal design can accelerate the iterative design process of complex systems and enhance their overall performance. Through lumping the mechanical, electrical and control parameters into the feedback gain matrix ...