Oikos is a journal issued by the Nordic Ecological Society and is one of the leading peer-reviewed journals in ecology. Oikos publishes original and innovative research on all aspects of ecology, defined as organism-environment interactions. Emphasis is on theoretical and empirical work aimed at generalization and synthesis across taxa, systems and ecological disciplines. Papers can contribute to new developments in ecology by reporting novel theory or critical empirical results, and "synthesis" can include developing new theory, tests of general hypotheses, or bringing together established or emerging areas of ecology. Confirming or extending the established literature, by for example showing results that are novel for a new taxon, is given low priority. We publish standard papers and short papers in the Forum section that aim to stimulate discussion by promoting ideas and synthesis of high novelty. Forum papers should strive for novelty, conceptual unification and serve as a point of departure for future work rather than retrospective summaries of established fields or topics. Papers in the Forum section is given priority in the publication process.

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