Philips eases switching fluorescent tubes with LED replacements

Philips eases switching fluorescent tubes with LED replacements

( —Philips is offering a new deal in tube lighting that can save on energy, installation time and ease labor costs. Philips' new development, announced earlier this month, offers supermarkets and large stores a proposition difficult to turn down. Philips has announced a drop-in LED bulb design that offers 40,000 hours of life. Called the InstantFit LED T8, the replacement tube is, according to Philips, the world's first LED replacement tube that requires no rewiring. The company said the InstantFit lamps were tested with a variety of ballasts to make sure there was compatibility with most Instant Start ballasts. Philips noted how this replacement involves a simple switch that cuts considerably the time it takes to replace the old fluorescent lights. "We studied the process for replacing fluorescent tubes with LED technology step by step to tackle those issues that dissuade facility managers and installers from making the switch," said Rene van Schooten, CEO, light sources and electronics at Philips Lighting "We found speed and simplicity were key."

The company described the Philips InstantFit LED T8 as "a true Linear LED retrofit that replaces existing 4' T8 fluorescent lamps. No wiring is required when replacing T8 fluorescents with the InstantFit lamp, which helps to reduce maintenance and labor costs." A maintenance worker can perform the task of fitting in the tube lamps in a very short time. According to Philips, "the average supermarket can now switch to LED lighting in four days instead of four weeks."

The InstantFit LED T8 lights save about 41 percent in electrical costs over an equivalent fluorescent tube. Also, the Philips InstantFit LED T8 lamps contain no mercury and virtually no UV or IR light. According to Philips, if current were replaced by TLED lamps globally, it would result in savings of over $55 billion in energy costs, or the equivalent of energy generated by 210 medium-sized power plants. (The reference to "TLED" stands for LED tube lamps.)'

Philips did not specify price but the company announcement said the Philips' InstantFit LED replacement tube will be available in the first quarter of 2014.

Philips overall prides itself as being one of the world's largest manufacturers of lightbulbs and lamps as well as innovators in light emitting diode (LED) lighting. By 2020, Philips has predicted that 30 percent less energy will be used for lighting compared to 2006 due to energy-efficient lighting adoption. They said the savings translates into a 515 million-ton reduction in CO2 emissions.

Philips Lighting's Harry Verhaar, head of global public and government affairs, said, "With increasing population growth and urbanization, the demand for is growing. The good news is that the resulting increase in energy demand is being compensated for by gains in energy efficiency as a result of the adoption of energy-efficient lighting.''

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