Confide off-the-record app comes to Android

Confide off-the-record app comes to Android

( —Ask any teenager trading selfies and very random thoughts: Some messages unlike diamonds should best be not forever. Confide, a company that makes an app with the same name, thinks that business people have good reason to think the same. Professionals who want messages to go away forever do not necessarily have sinister motives to avoid paper trails. Confide makes a strong case for use cases where email messages that disappear once they are read make practical sense.

Discussions with colleagues over job references, job referrals, deal points, and simply conjecture about sensitive, sounding-board issues where it is very helpful to hear oneself speak and to actually invite pushback before final decisions are made. Why, asked Confide's founders, not bring the same freedom to business people in emails so that they are not limited to having to wait until both parties can do face to face meetings? Confide is an off-the-record mobile messaging for off-the-record conversations, which, said the company, "happen all the time in the offline world—phone calls, hallway discussions, meet-ups, grabbing lunch or coffee. We want to bring this offline experience online."

After launching the Confide app for iOS earlier this year, the makers have now brought Confide to Android, free on Google play. "If you're an iOS user, you can now invite and send messages to all of your friends and colleagues who use Android phones."

For those unfamiliar with Confide, the user sends text messages with the confidence that the messages are relayed with end-to-end encryption Words are hidden behind covered strips. The words do not appear until you swipe with a "wanding" move. Only 20 to 25 characters are revealed at a time.

After you close the message, gray blocks just fall away. The message is gone. The user is alerted through "read receipts" that the message has been read.; Confide works with any email or . Confide said there are two forms of screenshot protection; an alert is sent to the sender and recipient if the recipient attempts to take a screenshot, and messages being concealed until the words are "wanded" over mean only a limited number of characters would be visible at any one time.

But whether Confirm is used on an iOS or Android-platform, the question remains: Do those messages really disappear? The Confide team said, "We employ end-to-end encryption to ensure conversations remain confidential and are private to you. Even we at Confide cannot decrypt or see any messages. Yes, after are read once they disappear."

Confide is being marketed as an app targeted for professionals. The company site noted, "We created Confide to bring off-the-record professional communication to the digital world."

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