Dubai awaits snow-making Heart of Europe transplant

The Heart of Europe

Tallest, biggest, glitziest. Paths to "most" these days also lead to Dubai. Case in point, the Burj Khalifa (829.8m) as the world's tallest building, and another is the fleet of high-end sports cars for the Dubai police force which include a Bugatti Veyron, for use at main tourist sites. Showcasing its stature comes easily to Dubai, and the latest superlative from that region is a project modeled to be the Heart of Europe, including snow.

The real estate and property developer Kleindienst Group says, once developed, it will be able make it rain and snow on islands that in turn are climate-controlled. The project's results will be ready to roll by the end of 2016. Kleindienst already performed a snow test, which was successful. The snow event is a step in the direction of plans to create a climate-controlled environment outdoors via rain pumps, snow machines, and a pipe-based floor cooling system underground. "Our test proves it's possible to make it snow and even build a snowman with technical snow, outdoors in Dubai," CEO Josef Kleindienst told 7DAYSinDubai.

The goal is to have special snow machines installed in select streets and plazas that will make up The Heart of Europe, including Austria, Monaco, Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden. In a promotional video, the CEO said The Heart of Europe is a "holiday place." He said, "We want our visitors to enjoy Europe, with snow." The Heart of Europe vision is a cluster of six islands owned by Kleindienst Group on The World project in Dubai. The project is to provide a resort and leisure experience. When complete, said the site, it will be a first-class destination for vacationers, and will house private hotel villas, hotels and floating homes.

The site also noted it will have rain and snow-lined streets, "made possible through pioneering German engineering and technology." Looking to the future, new streets in the emirate could be designed to be climate-controlled and areas such as downtown Dubai could also implement the technology. Climate-controlled open spaces are also under discussion for Dubai's Mall of the World, to overtake Dubai Mall as the biggest mall in the world when built, and Qatar's World Cup stadium. How it works: Rain comes through a pump system and the same principle applies to making snow. "We have a machine to produce and then we make it fall from the sky." This cools the temperature in areas for outdoor temperature-control. "It will be collected sub-surface and pumped back in, so the water is in a cycle. We also cool the floor with a pipe system."

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