What's this? A dual operating system hybrid device? The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office this month revealed a patent application from Samsung Electronics, titled "Electronic Apparatus, Docking Apparatus, Controlling Method Thereof, and Computer-Readable Recording Medium."

Patently Mobile discussed this Samsung hybrid device concept in detail, saying that "Samsung Galaxy Note, for instance, would naturally run Android when in smartphone mode. When the Note smartphone is docked inside a notebook-like shell companion component, it would automatically switch to running the Windows operating system, such as Windows 10."

JC Torres in SlashGear explained this further—"a phablet that runs Android by default but switches to Windows when joined with a dock that is practically an empty laptop shell, thereby providing the familiar mobility of Android on mobile with Windows productivity in the workplace."

The phablet may be transformed into a touchpad for the laptop or as a secondary screen running Android at the same time, said Torres. Lee Mathews in Geek.com similarly noted how Samsung's made "several references to a device that can boot a different OS depending on its current configuration. Standalone, it could load up Android. When docked inside the laptop shell, it could boot Windows." Torres noted the distinction of Samsung's patent putting the two operating systems inside the same device and also leaving "the door open for other platforms, which probably means Tizen."

In patent language, Samsung's application read, "the electronic apparatus according to an exemplary embodiment of the present general inventive concept may operate using a plurality of operating systems and thus, an image screen according to a plurality of operating systems may be displayed under the control of a user. For example, while a first image is being displayed by a first operating system, a second image by a second operating system may be displayed instead of the first image under the control of a user. Herein, the first operating system may be Android, and the second operating system may be Windows. Meanwhile, in the above exemplary embodiment of the present general inventive concept, although only Android and Windows operating systems are mentioned, other may also be applied."

Patently Mobile said the patent application indicated a strategic motivator for business customers. "In a way, by combining the Galaxy smartphone or Note phablet with a notebook shell," the company would be able of offer a tool of interest to the workplace. "The enterprise for the most part is familiar with the Windows platform and Office apps and now with their Mobile-First /Cloud-First platform combined with Samsung's popular hardware in this new form factor, it could be a winning force down the line."

This new smartphone-notebook hybrid would allow the notebook to be able to access the Internet without needing a WiFi connection or a mobile internet Key, said Patently Mobile. The notebook would be able to recharge the smartphone, it added.

More information: Patent page.