Images reveal workplace turning point for Google Glass

Images reveal workplace turning point for Google Glass

What ever happened to those ads showing cool people wearing Google Glass? Actually, what ever happened to Google Glass? That question was answered in July this year when reports came out that Google Glass as a next big thing for consumers was to resurface as something else.

Stephen Hall, senior editor of 9to5Google, had discussed in July that we might want to expect instead an Enterprise Edition of Google Glass.

The spectacle of spectacles in the wearables category was to be foldable and water resistant and sturdy for workplace settings. A focus on urban lifestyle was to be overshadowed by a focus on a device in practical use cases which included the factory floor and hospitals.

New reports confirm that Google Glass is edging closer in its re-identity phase, now as a foldable Google Glass device for the workplace.

Nick Statt, The Verge reporter, said on Monday that FCC filings also published Monday, had images which revealed what the newer workplace is all about. Watch for a Glass device which is foldable. Statt noted its hinge so that it can be folded like a standard pair of glasses.

Statt and other tech watchers did not have an official word back from Google about this and there was no information about release dates and pricing.

That is not surprising considering the business model at play.

Images reveal workplace turning point for Google Glass

Back in July, it was reported that Google was setting up a distribution system through Glass for Work partners. Stephen Hall, senior editor of 9to5Google, had said that the Enterprise device was to be available through partnership channels that have already spelled out what they want.

Hall reported that everything, from the device's larger prism to an external battery pack, was being built according to the feedback of the Glass for Work startups.

Statt said on Monday that "hundreds" of units have reportedly been distributed to the Glass for Work program partners.

Images reveal workplace turning point for Google Glass

Once again Hall in 9to5Google clarified the business model:

"Glass for Work partners will likely be loading their proprietary software onto device before they're even distributed, and at this point it's not likely that Google will be selling this device to consumers in any capacity."

Also, according to Hall, "More than one source has said that companies are planning to officially begin adding the device to their offerings starting soon."

Improvements noted in the current reports include wireless connectivity with the addition of a 5 GHz WiFi band for video streaming applications, heat management which is a result of the new chip and improved performance.

Hall said that the power button was moved "from its awkward location on the inside to the back of the device," and "the front light comes on when the camera is being used."

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