Credit: dmm-make

Ever struggle with a Rubik's Cube? Then this video probably won't help your anxiety. 

A Japanese YouTuber by the username Human Creator has created a modified version of the famous cubed puzzle that will automatically solve itself. 

The video, posted to YouTube last week, has already accumulated over 250,000 views.

In a linked post to a Japanese blog, the unnamed YouTuber posts pictures of his work including the outfitting of the sensors and the code used for the computer to solve the cube. While the code is impressive, the engineering to fit the technology into what appears to be a traditional, standard Rubik's Cube is equally noteworthy. 

It is unclear how long the creator was working on the Rubik's Cube project, but a video posted to his YouTube account last year shows a much larger, earlier prototype. The latest version can solve itself even while being held with just a few fingers (or if you want to be freaked out further, by leaving it alone on a desk as seen in the above). 

Congratulations, robots. You've won yet another round.