Snapdragon 675 has optimizations, triple camera support

Snapdragon 675 has optimizations, triple camera support
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Reports have been coming in about the just announced Snapdragon 675, a mobile chipset from Qualcomm —this will be your ticket for enjoying high-end features on mid-range devices. AI? Check. Fast gaming? Check. Camera magic? Check.

Engadget's Richard Lai stepped back and considered what Qualcomm wanted to accomplish in taking advantage of three smartphone trends: Gaming optimization, multiple cameras and AI-enhanced features, including face unlock.

As for the latter "face unlock" feature, Lai said the 675 goes one up on the 670's speed. "This time round, the Snapdragon 675 is using AI to also enable more secure yet faster face unlock—apparently up to three times faster than the Snapdragon 670, with a one-to-a-million false acceptance rate."

Shawn Knight in TechSpot had technical details: two Cortex-A76 cores clocked at 2.0GHz; six Cortex-A55 'efficiency' cores running at 1.8GHz alongside Adreno 612 graphics.

The beefier Snapdragon 675 is being touted as beefier than the 670 chipset previously announced.

Qualcomm said the Snapdragon 675 devices were designed to carry performance boosts over the previous generation, and that would translate into fast app launching, speedy web browsing, and "superior" battery life.

Qualcomm said "we're enabling OEMs to design more features and incredibly fast performance into their devices."

"Snapdragon 675 will be your new mobile powerhouse" —that is how the Qualcomm company introduced its promotional video on Monday. They shouted out its stunning camera features, remarkable AI.

The buzz phrases in this Qualcomm announcement included "triple camera support" and one does not have to wait very long to hear the explanations on how mid-range smartphones never before had it so good.

Knight in TechSpot described "a triple camera configuration in the front or back and supports telephoto, wide angle and super-wide angle capture modes."

Another comment on this triple-camera feature came from Engadget's Richard Lai, who explained that, "the Snapdragon 675 uses a Spectra 250L image signal processor to support a triple —one that can seamlessly switch between telephoto, wide angle and super-wide angle for a 5x optical zoom—on either side of a phone."

Lai in Engadget said, compared with the 670, the 675 "is claimed to launch games 30 percent faster and offers 35 percent faster web browsing."

AnandTech went through the numbers to explain the gains, too. "The CPU performance improvements over the Snapdragon 670's Cortex A75-based Kryo setup are quoted by Qualcomm to range from 15% in app launches, up to 35% in web browsing scenarios." AnandTech added that "because the Snapdragon 675 is running at the same clock as the Snapdragon 670, the performance improvements are actually due to just the new generation cores."

Beyond cameras, there was a lot of talk around what the 675 means for gaming.

"The Snapdragon 675 is enhanced for gamers and specifically designed to let users play faster, smoother, and cooler than ever before. Working with some of the biggest game developers, many popular mobile gaming titles have been optimized on Snapdragon 675," said Qualcomm's news release.

Optimizations, such as? Qualcomm's answer was the ability to game "with 90 percent fewer janks compared to the same games without the optimizations" and faster game launch.

What's next: Lai reported that the first commercial devices to have the Snapdragon 675 chipset can be expected to appear in Q1 next year.

Andrei Frumusanu in AnandTech found the announcement quite interesting in that the current generation Snapdragon 670 was only announced in August. Nonetheless, he was not ignoring that the Snapdragon 675 was "bringing some important upgrades."

He said, "it's remarkable to see Qualcomm having such short product refresh cycles in this range, as seemingly competition is fierce and pricing in the mid-range is a cut-throat business in order to achieve design wins."

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