Cryptocurrencies can help create 'parallel society': hackers

Paul Rosenberg, founder of the Cryptohippie data protection company advocates a 'parallel existence'
Paul Rosenberg, founder of the Cryptohippie data protection company advocates a 'parallel existence'

A hackers' congress in Prague on Friday hailed the new cryptocurrencies as a tool to break free from the constraints of modern life and move towards a freer "parallel society".

"Opt out of the system," is the motto of the annual congress which brings together hundreds of artists, developers, hackers, nomads, activists and crypto-anarchists, some wearing masks to hamper identification.

"Use cryptographic technology to regain privacy, to save freedom, to step up from the first constrained realm and to build the second one," the organisers said.

Governments have been using passports for 100 years to mark people, steal their data and boost their own powers, they added.

"Especially at this point in history... it's really important to have a separate identity, to live a parallel existence," Paul Rosenberg, founder of the Cryptohippie data protection company, told reporters, promoting a move to a more liberal country or the use of cryptocurrencies.

"The Greeks were a massively decentralised civilisation: there were a thousand or so Greek city states. And they gave us art, sciences, geometry, drama," he added.

Geographer, writer and Oxford University teacher Nick Middleton cited nomadic communities as an example of a parallel society separated from "settled communities who dominate the planet".

"Governments don't like people who move," he said.

"In Europe we have Gypsies who like to move around and governments hate them. They can't control them, they can't tax them, but also it's difficult to educate their children."

Hailing crypto currencies as a tool for breaking free, Rosenberg said the bitcoin, one of the major topics of the congress, was becoming a success story.

"We're watching an entire economic system rise out of nothing," he said.

"The first bitcoin transaction was 10,000 bitcoin for a pizza. Now we're looking at a global currency that has withstood tremendous attacks, tremendous scorn and hate. And it just keeps going on."

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Oct 04, 2019
Among other things, Cryptohippie sounds like just another swindle like so many is the society it condemns. Like all the companies offering people to be different, then taking their money and going for trips on yachts and living in expansive mansions! Another generation that doesn't realize it's being fleeced.
And all the cryptocurrencies are a fraud. None of them explains anywheere what they are based on! To keep currency from being just numbers of paper, they have always based a currency on what conventional economics consider real and tangible wealth. The furthest explanations go suggest some surreptitious system of hijacking everyone's computer on a time sharing form, to do massive computations. And the computer owners pay the electric bill!
Face it, this can be said to demonstrates how mentally unstable and ethically unhinged so many people without a number of years on them and deeply involved with computers are!

Oct 06, 2019
It's not unhinged, it's based on certain conjectures about math. If these conjectures are true, crypto coins are solid and secure and codes are secret, if false, someone can listen to all the secrets on earth, tap all the calls, hack any system and actually do new physics. I think bitcoin is a sweet honeypot to find the super hackers/math gods.

That said, I agree with you this crypto anarchy stuff is a force for evil. Most people with some years on them have seen some shit, and the worst of it comes from shadowy criminal networks, human traffickers and the like. Government, especially constitutional republics, are a force for good. You have to be quite an idiot to think funneling black money to shadowy organizations while disempowering WeThe People is this cool force for social change.

Oct 07, 2019
Government's only good is because it spread power about, to be specific I'm talking about the seperation between the legislative, judicial, and executive branches.

Republics suffer from Hero Worship issues where the power gets pulled more and more to the executive branch.This eventually leads to despotism. Not that multi-party cooperative democracies are completely safe, they too suffer from populism infections whenever the people are uninformed and scared. The long term damage is usually less than with republics though.

Funneling untracable to shadowy organisations is not bad if 'We The People' are those shadowy organizations. Also, nobody says organisations need to be more than 1 person. You can be a shadowy organisation. You can't have a shadow economy without spreading the wealth around, at least a little bit. Money only has value if it is being used for transactions, if one person has all the money, then the rest of the people will use something else as money instead.

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