Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Google has invested $5.3 million in a large affordable housing project near downtown San Jose that will set aside units for people with developmental disabilities, the search giant and the project's developer said Tuesday.

Kelsey Ayer Station, a 115-unit project being planned for a site at 477 N. First St. near a light rail stop, has landed an investment that's part of Google's $250 million affordable housing investment fund.

"The Kelsey creates and advocates for housing where people with and without disabilities live, play, and serve together," said Micaela Connery, chief executive officer of The Kelsey, a housing non-profit. "With a $5.3 million investment from Google, we're building our first community, Kelsey Ayer Station."

The project will include 89 affordable units and 26 residences at market rates. The 115 units also will set aside 28 units for people with intellectual and . All the units will be offered as rental housing.

Mountain View-based Google said one of the attractive features of the development is Kelsey officials intend to ensure the is built and open to prospective residents within four years, a company spokesperson said Tuesday.

"The Kelsey's first development in San Jose will be a pioneering, inclusive community," said Alexa Arena, Google's San Jose Real Estate Development Director.

Google also believes these sorts of projects align with an array of goals for San Jose's political and local leaders.

"As we engage with the city and community, we continually hear that preserving affordability is vital to San Jose's future," Arena said.