Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Apple Music is rolling out a new feature that is similar to one Spotify users have had for years.

The iPhone maker recently unveiled "Apple Music Replay," a function that lets users look back at the songs they loved in 2019. The playlist functions similarly to Spotify's Wrapped feature, which lets you recap your most-listened-to tracks of the year.

Apple's version is located at the top of the Browse section in the Apple Music app. Once you tap the "'19 REPLAY" banner, you'll be sent to the Safari version of the app. Click "Get Your Replay Mix, and you'll be prompted to enter your ID and password.

Signing in will generate a playlist of your top songs from this year as well as give you insight into how much time you spent listening to each artist.

Beyond that, Apple will show you your top song from each year that you've been subscribed to Apple Music, which launched in 2015.

And it's totally free.

Spotify launched its "Wrapped" feature in 2017 as a way to "rediscover and share the and podcasts that formed your personal soundtrack," according to the .

Apple's new service will be available year-round and will auto-populate each week as you stream new music. Spotify's Wrapped is typically seasonal, launching around the holidays and letting you listen through the New Year.