AT&T to credit DirecTV with MLB Extra Innings and MLS Direct Kick subscriptions

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AT&T is giving credits to DirecTV customers who paid for sports subscriptions, according to a statement by the network provider.

This comes after the COVID-19 outbreak postponed or suspended sporting events across the globe.

MLB Extra Innings and MLS Direct Kick subscribers are eligible to receive the credits for any payments already made toward their subscription. AT&T did not specify for which , after a request from U.S. TODAY.

The company will stop future charges until it finds out more information from these events.

AT&T is also extending its cancellation policy for the baseball and soccer league subscriptions. When the season starts or resumes, customers have two weeks to decide whether they want to cancel their subscription or not.

"We continue to monitor the situation closely and are in contact with programmers and sports leagues as they plan their next steps," reads the statement by AT&T.

AT&T did not specify how the credits would be allocated.

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