Zynn, a rival of TikTok, was removed from Google Play Store after accusations of stolen content, which it says was an 'isolated incident'

Video app Zynn on Friday blamed its removal from Google Play Store on an "isolated incident" that should soon be resolved following accusations that stolen content appeared on the Chinese-made TikTok rival.

Zynn has skyrocketed to the top of app downloads in the United States in the short time since its launch in May, becoming a major competitor of TikTok, which was also created by a Chinese company.

But Wired, a tech publication, reported this week that Zynn is "filled with videos that appear to be stolen from creators on other " including TikTok.

Zynn spokesman Rocky Zhang told AFP on Friday that the app was removed from Google Play "due to one complaint raised on one video."

"This is an isolated incident that has triggered a routine investigation from Google's platform," he said, adding: "We expect this issue to be resolved shortly and look forward to seeing Zynn reinstated on the Google Play Store."

Zynn, which is not available in China, is similar to TikTok.

But unlike TikTok, it rewards users in the US and Canada with cash when they invite friends to download the app—up to $20 per invite, depending on how active the friend is on the app.

Users also earn points for simply watching videos, which can then be converted into cash.

Zynn was created by China's number two video app maker, Kuaishou, whose rival Bytedance owns TikTok.

Zhang said Zynn "has always been an ardent supporter of original content" and provides users with a one-click complaint feature to protect the rights of creators.

The company is communicating with content creators about Zynn's guidelines, he said.

"We will take actions against anyone found flouting the rules effective immediately," Zhang added.