Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Tesla is looking to hire people to develop video games for the company.

The electric vehicle manufacturer has added job listings on its website for engineers specializing in video game software that would likely end up in its range of EVs.

Tesla cars already have a large touch screen display that owners and passengers can use to play video games when the vehicle is parked. To date, the gaming offerings were from third party companies such as Atari.

The job listings suggest that Tesla is looking to develop its own games, too. Outside Austin, Texas, where Tesla is building a new plant, the automaker is looking for a video game engineer to work on infotainment software.

"You will be responsible for the look and feel of the play experience, architecture, and whatever else is needed to create fun. You will need to collaborate with our top-notch design team and back end developers to help create this platform," the job listing says.

U.S. TODAY reached out to Tesla for comment on development.

The company is also hiring a full-time gaming engineer in Bellevue, Washington and a rendering engineer in Palo Alto, California "to help us advance the software infotainment system in our cars."