T-Mobile extends new lower-priced 5G unlimited wireless smartphone plan to those 55 and older

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Earlier this week, T-Mobile unveiled new 5G unlimited wireless plans with no data throttling and improved hotspot connectivity. Now, the provider is bringing similar improvements to customers aged 55 and older.

A new Magenta Max Unlimited 55 plan, available now, gives customers aged 55-up two lines for $90—$45 per line per month with autopay, taxes and fees included. The new plan includes unlimited 5G and 4G premium data, 40 Gigabytes of hotspot data, 4K video streaming, and free Netflix for each line.

And T-Mobile's new Magenta Unlimited 55 plan, priced at $35 per line monthly for two lines with autopay, taxes and fees included, comes with 100GB of premium data, and 5GB of data, also gets a new perk: free Netflix.

And soon T-Mobile will let 55+ customers on Magenta Unlimited and Unlimited Max plans can have up four lines, from the current two, and only the account holder must be 55 years old.

Need a new phone? T-Mobile will let those who switch to a Magenta Unlimited 55 plan get two free smartphones and two lines for $70 per month with a 24 monthly credits.

"We're giving our 55+ customers across the country what they want—newly redesigned unlimited plans that meet their needs, designed and built with them in mind for how they want to use their smartphones while saving money," said T-Mobile chief marketing officer Matt Staneff in a statement announcing the promotion.

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