Consumers can 'inquire to buy' LG's OLED rollable TV in the US

Consumers can 'inquire to buy' LG's OLED rollable TV in the US
Credit: LG

LG has opened up the opportunity for consumers in the U.S. to purchase its OLED TV with a rollable screen, but you might have a pay a hefty price.

The for the electronic company's OLED R rollable TV now includes a buttons to "inquire to buy." After selecting your , you will receive contact information of a LG representative to get more information.

The website does not say how much the OLED R will cost. When LG launched the TV in South Korea last October, it was priced at 100 million South Korean won, or $87,000. LG could not be immediately reached for comment on the price of the TV in the U.S.

The option to inquire to buy was first spotted by the website HD Guru.

The TV features a 65-inch flexible OLED display that unrolls or rolls back from its base. The TV has three different views: a full view where you see the entire screen, a line view where a portion of the screen is exposed, and a zero view where the screen is fully rolled up inside the base.

Credit: LG

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