Change Siri's voice, Apple Maps upgrades: What's new in iOS 14.5 update

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If you follow Apple, you're aware its latest update delivers significant privacy changes. But what else can you do in iOS 14.5?

On Monday, Apple launched the latest version of the operating software that powers iPhones and iPads. The biggest change requires apps to ask your permission to track your online activity.

For example, if you open up an app like Facebook, you'll see a prompt seeking permission from you to track your activity across other apps and websites.

But that's not the only thing iOS 14.5 introduces to iPhone and iPad users. Here's a breakdown of some of the new stuff you can do with your Apple device.

You can change Siri's voice

Yes, Apple's digital assistant now sounds different, depending on your preferences. When you go to Settings, then Siri & Search followed by Siri Voice, you can choose between four different voices. You can also choose the variety, such as American, British, Australian, Indian, Irish or South African. New iPhone and iPad users will get a prompt to change Siri's voice when they first get their device.

Report an Apple Maps incident

If you've used Waze, then you're very familiar with this feature added to Apple's own maps tool. If you live in the U.S. or China, you can alert Siri of a hazard up ahead or a nearby crash. You can also tap "Report An Issue" within the app itself.

Unlock your phone with your Apple Watch

If you're wearing a and use Face ID, iPhone owners can now use their smartwatch to unlock their phone. After glancing at the screen, you'll receive a buzz on your watch confirming the phone is unlocked. Apple says the feature works with the iPhone X and later models, and with models of the Apple Watch going back to Series 3.

Support for AirTags

Apple's spin on Tile, small tags users can attach to items such as backpacks or luggage to track them, is now supported. Managing AirTags is handled through the Find My app.

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