American Genetic Association

The American Genetic Association (AGA), formerly the American Breeders' Association, founded 1903, is a USA-based learned society dedicated to the study of genetics. It publishes the Journal of Heredity Willet M. Hays founded the American Breeders' Association (ABA) in 1903. Hays was the first president of the ABA, a position he kept for ten years. He formulated the three objectives of the organization: "(1) Determine the laws of inheritance in animals and plants. (2) Learn the application of these laws to increase the intrinsic commercial and artistic values of living things. (3) Aid in bringing about this desired improvement through associated effort." The ABA published the American Breeders' Magazine from 1910-13. In 1915 the ABA was renamed and reorganized as the American Genetic Association.

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