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Computer Sciences

New mitigation framework reduces bias in classification outcomes

We use computers to help us make (hopefully) unbiased decisions. The problem is that machine-learning algorithms do not always make fair classifications if human bias is embedded in the data used to train them—which is ...

Computer Sciences

Temporal shift for speech emotion recognition

Humans can guess how someone on the other end of a phone call is feeling based on how they speak as well as what they say. Speech emotion recognition is the artificial intelligence version of this ability. Seeking to address ...

Computer Sciences

Automatic design of metaheuristics: The future of optimization?

To discourage the inefficient manual invention and configuration of new metaheuristic optimization algorithms, a research team at IRIDIA, the artificial intelligence laboratory of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, studied ...

Machine learning & AI

New AI framework enhances emotion analysis

Social media enthusiasts tend to spice up their text posts with emojis, images, audio, or video to attract more attention. Simple as it is, this technique makes scientific sense: multimodal information is found to be more ...

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