Kassel University

The University of Kassel, founded in 1970, is one of the newer universities in the state of Hesse. The university is in Kassel, and as of September 2010 has about 18,113 students. There are more than 2,120 staff, including 327 professors, about 900 other academic staff, and about 1,100 technical and administrative staff. International summer universities, intensive German language courses and orientation programmes for international students make Kassel an intellectually excellent place for studying. At present, students from over 115 countries are enrolled at the University of Kassel. Each academic year, more than 100 visiting scholars pursue research projects in co-operation with colleagues from the University of Kassel, making a valuable contribution to the academic and cultural life. The newly-built International House is located on the campus. It offers hostels for international guests and is available for meetings, conferences and cultural events.

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