Pohang University of Science and Technology

Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) is a private research university in Pohang, South Korea. POSTECH was established in 1986 in Pohang, Korea by POSCO, a steel company. POSTECH hosted POSCO's Research Institute of Science and Technology (RIST) on campus. In 1994, POSTECH set up the Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (PAL), a 3rd-generation synchrotron light source and now a national facility. PAL-XFEL, a 4th-generation light source X-ray free electron laser (XFEL) was completed in 2016 at the cost of US$390 million, the third of its kind in the world, and will open up new frontiers and research areas in life sciences, materials, chemistry, and physics.

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Electronics & Semiconductors

Team develops electronic skin as flexible as crocodile skin

The development of electronic skin with multiple senses is essential for various fields, including rehabilitation, health care, prosthetic limbs, and robotics. One of the key components of this technology is stretchable pressure ...