Pohang University of Science and Technology

Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) is a private research university in Pohang, South Korea. POSTECH was established in 1986 in Pohang, Korea by POSCO, a steel company. POSTECH hosted POSCO's Research Institute of Science and Technology (RIST) on campus. In 1994, POSTECH set up the Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (PAL), a 3rd-generation synchrotron light source and now a national facility. PAL-XFEL, a 4th-generation light source X-ray free electron laser (XFEL) was completed in 2016 at the cost of US$390 million, the third of its kind in the world, and will open up new frontiers and research areas in life sciences, materials, chemistry, and physics.

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Electric light transmits data 100 times faster than Wi-Fi

Li-fi, a communication technology harnessing visible light for data transmission, has a potential to surpass Wi-Fi's speed by more than 100 times and boasts a high bandwidth, facilitating the simultaneous transmission of ...


Using AI to help dams run smarter

In August 2020, following a period of prolonged drought and intense rainfall, a dam situated near the Seomjin River in Korea experienced overflow during a water release, resulting in damages exceeding 100 billion won (USD ...

Energy & Green Tech

Enhancing hydrogen fuel cell durability via tungsten oxide coating

When purchasing a smartphone, one of your primary considerations is typically finding a durable case and a screen protector to safeguard the device from external harm. Similarly, a group of researchers from POSTECH has recently ...

Energy & Green Tech

Using cosmetic ingredients for battery protection

Xanthan gum, derived from plants like cabbage and known for its carbohydrate content, serves as a natural protective barrier in cosmetics to retain their benefits on the skin. In a recent development, this remarkable substance ...

Electronics & Semiconductors

Enhancing thermo-electrochemical cell efficiency

The generation of electricity from the human body may not be a superpower at all; rather, it appears to be a commonplace occurrence. Recent research conducted by a POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology) team ...

Computer Sciences

Advancing toward optimal sampling: The zenith of data analysis

The world witnessed a monumental face-off between human intelligence and artificial intelligence in March 2016. The computer program AlphaGo honed its skills from a substantial database and emerged victorious against a human ...

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