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Researchers develop wireless sensor system for continuous monitoring of bridge deformation

Researchers in Drexel University's College of Engineering have developed a solar-powered, wireless sensor system that can continually monitor bridge deformation and could be used to alert authorities when the bridge performance ...

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Michigan launches consortium of higher ed, employers to prepare semiconductor workforce

The Michigan Economic Development Corp., the state's economic development organization, is spearheading the launch of a consortium of higher education institutions and employers to train workers for jobs in the growing semiconductor ...


Britain unveils $1.2B strategy to boost computer chip industry

Britain's government unveiled its long-awaited semiconductor strategy Friday, catching up with similar efforts by Western allies seeking to reduce reliance on Asian production of the computer chips that are essential to modern ...

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UK unveils £1 bn semiconductor strategy

The British government on Friday unveiled a new £1 billion semiconductor strategy to invest in infrastructure, research and security as the UK tries to diversify its chip supply chain.


New invention for more efficient atomic force microscopes

The basic principle of the atomic force microscope is very simple: an extremely thin, movable tip on a cantilever is moved over a surface that is being examined. Tiny forces on an atomic scale act between the tip and the ...


3D printed elastic conductors for stretchable electronics

Three-dimensional (3D) printing has become increasingly advanced over the past few years and has been successfully used to create countless items, including toys, furniture and electronic components. As 3D printing equipment ...


A new hydrogel-based skin with tactile sensing capabilities

For decades, roboticists have been trying to develop robots that closely resemble humans, both in terms of their appearance and capabilities. Recent technological advances have opened exciting new possibilities for the creation ...