Mercedes workers reject union in Alabama in setback for labor

Workers at Mercedes-Benz's Alabama facilities have rejected a union drive in a setback to the United Auto Workers' ambitious campaign to organize the American South, according to results released Friday by US authorities.


OpenAI unveils voice-cloning tool

OpenAI on Friday revealed a voice-cloning tool it plans to keep tightly controlled until safeguards are in place to thwart audio fakes meant to dupe listeners.


How AI discriminates and what that means for your Google habit

Safiya Umoja Noble swears she is not a Luddite. But she does think we could all learn a thing or two from the machine-bashing textile craftsmen in 19th-century Britain whose name is now synonymous with technological skepticism.


Biden on TikTok: 'lol' or national security worry?

US President Joe Biden's debut on TikTok has caused a stir—not least because the Chinese-owned social media platform is still officially considered a security risk by Washington.

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