Method to train AI with multilabel classification data

Advances in Internet of Things (IoT) technology have made it possible for us to easily and continually obtain large amounts of diverse data. Artificial intelligence technology is gaining attention as a tool to put this big ...


Finding the company (or companies) of peers

People at school, places of employment and many other settings often consider it worthwhile to find a group of peers to work or socialize with. But it can also be useful to organize companies into groups of peers, says Manish ...

Computer Sciences

Classifying artworks with a multiple naive Bayes algorithm

A multiple naive Bayes algorithm can classify artworks by preprocessing and analyzing the histogram of the hues in the image with 99.6 percent accuracy according to work published in International Journal of Arts and Technology.

Machine learning & AI

Scientists teach AI to predict bankruptcy

The ability to accurately assess the financial risks of dealing with a business is vital to both the economy and society. This is particularly true when forecasting bankruptcy, which can result in significant financial losses ...

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