Lufthansa to add environmental charge to fares

German airline giant Lufthansa said Tuesday it would add an environmental charge of up to 72 euros ($77) to fares in Europe to cover the cost of increasing EU climate regulations.


Raspberry Pi shares surge in stock market debut

Raspberry Pi, maker of the eponymous budget computer sold worldwide, saw its shares jump Tuesday in their initial public offering (IPO) on the London stock market, sending the company's valuation surging.


Meta hit with privacy complaints in Europe over AI plans

A Vienna-based privacy campaign group filed complaints in 11 European countries against Meta on Thursday, saying the global tech giant's planned privacy policy change would allow "unlawful" use of personal data for artificial ...

Energy & Green Tech

Swiss renewable energy battle moves to the ballots

Switzerland's largest wind farm, sitting astride the ridge of the Jura mountains by the French border, consists of only 16 turbines -- tiny compared to those of other European countries.


What environmental equality in Africa really looks like

The just energy transition is meant to be an equal, democratic process where the world gradually moves toward lower carbon technology. Green technologies are reliant on minerals such as cobalt and lithium that are abundant ...

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List of sovereign states

This is a list of sovereign states, containing 203 entries, giving an overview of states around the world with information on the status and recognition of their sovereignty. It is arranged alphabetically. It includes both states widely recognized to be de jure sovereign and states that claim de jure sovereignty and exercise de facto control over some territory, but which are not generally recognised.

Note: the status of some entries on this list is disputed. For information on the criteria used to determine the contents of this list, see the "criteria for inclusion" section below.

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