Computer Sciences

Rethinking algorithmic decision-making based on 'fairness'

Algorithms underpin large and small decisions on a massive scale every day: who gets screened for diseases like diabetes, who receives a kidney transplant, how police resources are allocated, who sees ads for housing or employment, ...


Indian software giant Infosys slashes yearly growth outlook

Indian information technology giant Infosys sharply cut its revenue growth outlook on Thursday as it reported softer-than-expected profits during the April-June quarter on the back of global economic headwinds.

Energy & Green Tech

Deep learning model could improve oil extraction

A research team from Skoltech introduced a model to facilitate the planning stage of oil well development. It will help obtain important data about a well—for example, the model can compare a prospective well with those ...


Drones navigate unseen environments with liquid neural networks

In the vast, expansive skies where birds once ruled supreme, a new crop of aviators is taking flight. These pioneers of the air are not living creatures, but rather a product of deliberate innovation: drones. But these aren't ...

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