Low-cost 'smart' diaper can notify caregiver when it's wet

For some infants, a wet diaper is cause for an instant, vociferous demand to be changed, while other babies may be unfazed and happy to haul around the damp cargo for lengthy periods without complaint. But if worn too long, ...

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Baby tech: Pampers to deliver a big diaper change

In some home soon, a new parent will enjoy a smartphone glance as the first-time mom reads messages like Claire's diaper is dry. Bottle 46 minutes ago. Asleep 1 hour 22 minutes.


Time for a change: This diaper alerts caregiver when it is wet

(Tech Xplore)—University researchers have been focusing on developing a smart diaper that tells you when it's wet and uses its urine content as power to relay the message. You can thank researchers at Ritsumeikan University ...