Faulty machine translations litter the web

Near the end of the last century, Bill Gates saw the prospect of unifying citizens of nearly 200 countries, speaking more than 7,000 languages, coming together in common dialogue through the suddenly burgeoning web community.

Machine learning & AI

ChatGPT poem regurgitation raises ethical questions

Ask ChatGPT to find a well-known poem and it will probably regurgitate the entire text verbatim—regardless of copyright law—according to a new study by Cornell researchers.

Consumer & Gadgets

Apple flash: Our smart devices will soon be smarter

Our smart devices take voice commands from us, check our heartbeats, track our sleep, translate text, send us reminders, capture photos and movies, and let us talk to family and friends continents away.

Consumer & Gadgets

Researchers measure global consensus over the ethical use of AI

To examine the global state of AI ethics, a team of researchers from Brazil performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of global guidelines for AI use. Publishing October 13 in in the journal Patterns, the researchers ...

Machine learning & AI

ChatGPT promotes American norms and values, study reveals

ChatGPT, the revolutionary new AI chatbot, reflects American norms and values—even when queried about other countries and cultures. The mismatch has been demonstrated in research from the University of Copenhagen. The AI ...

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