Energy & Green Tech

Electric aircraft could lead to major climate benefits, says study

Aviation has grown considerably in recent decades and accounts for approximately 2% of global carbon dioxide emissions and some 4% of all climate change impacts annually. While aviation is an important contributor to climate ...


Q&A: The future of automated flight may be closer than you think

In Robert Rose's vision for the future, we are currently on the cusp of a dramatic transformation of human mobility. A veteran of Tesla and Space-X, Rose's new company, Reliable Robotics, is now working to fully automate ...


Propellers are louder over ground, researchers find

The effects of the ground on propeller noise have been measured experimentally for the very first time by researchers in the Aeroacoustics research team at the University of Bristol.


Stellantis to build electric 'air taxis' with Archer

Global automaker Stellantis will produce electric "air taxis" developed by US aviation company Archer, it announced Wednesday at the major Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

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