Italy fines BAT, Amazon over heated tobacco ads

Italy's competition authority on Wednesday fined British American Tobacco's Italian division six million euros ($6.4 million) and Amazon one million euros for misleading advertising of a heated tobacco product.


Robot space maintenance based on human arm dynamics

On-orbit assembly has become a crucial aspect of space operations, where the manipulator frequently and directly interacts with objects in a complex assembly process. The traditional manipulator control has limitations in ...

Energy & Green Tech

Chinese scientists join Fukushima water review

Chinese scientists will this month take part in extensive sampling of Fukushima's coastal waters for the first time since the release of treated wastewater from its stricken nuclear plant began, Japanese officials said Wednesday.

Computer Sciences

Research hack reveals call security risk in smartphones

Advanced smartphone features attract users who want more from their devices, especially in health and entertainment areas, but do these features create a security risk when making or receiving actual calls? A team of academic ...


Food safety: Cleaning with plasma instead of chemicals

A new method for cleaning conveyor belts in food production can replace the widely used disinfection chemicals. Plasma-treated water is effective against microbial contamination at a shorter exposure time and degrades without ...

Energy & Green Tech

IAEA says Fukushima water release to follow safety standards

The head of a U.N. nuclear agency task force assessing the safety of Japan's plan to release treated radioactive water from the wreaked Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea said Friday that Japanese regulators have shown ...

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Health risks of professional dance

The health risks of professional dance (and particularly with the more strenuous forms of ballet and contemporary dance) are those generally found in sports injuries. Dancers risk injury within the course of their career, many retiring from active performance in their mid to late 30s. Since dance is a performance art with emphasis on aesthetics, dancers are also at a higher risk of body image problems and eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia.

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