ANYbotics reveals full-scale robotic inspection solution

The Swiss robotics company ANYbotics has announced the launch of a new end-to-end robotic inspection system for the energy and industrial processing arenas. This solution aims to answer the call for better safety at production ...


Swimming robots perform snake-like movements for subsea tasks

Mention snake-like and robot in the same sentence, and many people find the words inspire thoughts of nightmares and disgusting sights. In Norway, though, a robot development that features a snake-like structure draws positive ...


Smooth collaboration between humans and robots

Robots are being deployed in more and more situations, many of which involve collaboration between humans and robots—for example relieving humans of onerous tasks in the workplace. The challenges are how to integrate the ...


Spain fines delivery app Glovo 79M euros for labor violation

Spain fined delivery company Glovo nearly 79 million euros ($78 million) for violating a 2021 law that obliged app-based food delivery platforms to make their riders full employees, Spain's labor minister said Wednesday.

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