Rise of the web's 'pay for privacy' model

Users of Facebook and Instagram in Europe can now pay to opt out of the onerous data sharing obligations imposed by parent company Meta, which sells the data to advertising clients.

Machine learning & AI

Q&A: Large language models and the law

CodeX–The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics and the legal technology company Casetext recently announced what they called "a watershed moment." Research collaborators had deployed GPT-4, the latest generation Large ...


Bitcoins under the hammer in France

Governments might look askance at bitcoin, but it does not mean they do not want to cash in on its soaring value and France is set to pocket nearly $30 million from its first-ever action of the cryptocurrency, a minister ...


Musk-Twitter deal: a roller-coaster saga

Elon Musk's pursuit of Twitter was a melodrama from the beginning—a mercurial billionaire locked in a bitter fight with his favorite social media platform.

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