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Focus on AR/VR: Near-eye display based on metasurface devices

With the rise of the meta-universe, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies have been developing rapidly in recent years. Near-eye displays are crucial technologies for VR and AR. Despite the rapid advances ...


Ping-pong balls as sound absorbers for low-frequency noise

Long-term exposure to low-frequency noise can cause numerous health problems, but the solution may be found in an unexpected object, a ping-pong ball. Conventionally thought of as the hollow plastic balls that speed through ...


A non-reciprocal metasurface based on magnetic meta-atoms

Metasurfaces, two-dimensional (2D) or planar versions of metamaterials exhibit properties that are not typically found in natural materials. As they are flat, these materials can typically be produced using widely known fabrication ...

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