Energy & Green Tech

A fresh set of eyes on next-generation nuclear reactors

Decarbonization requires radical transformation of the U.S. energy sector, and nuclear energy could be at the center of that transformation. It already provides a fifth of the nation's electricity, and new designs suggest ...

Energy & Green Tech

Could mini nuclear stations plug South Africa's power gaps?

South African nuclear scientists want to build a new generation of mini nuclear reactors, both to plug holes in their own country's blackout-plagued grid and to build an export industry for the future.

Computer Sciences

What if American nuclear power plants could be less expensive

American nuclear power plants generate more than 20% of the electricity, and half of the carbon-free electricity, in the United States. The nation's pressing demand for even more electricity—specifically carbon-free electricity ...

Energy & Green Tech

UK's new Hinkley nuclear plant reaches milestone

The UK's planned Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant reached a major milestone on Friday, with the installation of a steel dome that will cover its first reactor building, operator EDF said.

Energy & Green Tech

Extracting uranium from seawater as another source of nuclear fuel

Oceans cover most of Earth's surface and support a staggering number of lifeforms, but they're also home to a dilute population of uranium ions. And—if we can get these particular ions out of the water—they could be a ...

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