US Senate to vote on kids online safety bills

The US Senate will vote on a pair of bills this week designed to protect children online which would be the first major legislation targeting the tech industry in a generation.

Machine learning & AI

Study showcases new method for better grouping in data analysis

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and UC Berkeley have developed a new method to improve how computers organize and analyze large datasets. This advancement improves the ability to extract information from knowledge ...


Conspiracy theories take off after global IT crash

From fearmongering about a looming "World War III" to false narratives linking a cabal of global elite to a cyberattack, a torrent of online conspiracy theories took off Friday after a major IT crash.

Electronics & Semiconductors

The magnet trick: New invention makes vibrations disappear

When everything shakes, precision is usually impossible—everybody who has ever tried to take a photo with shaky hands or make handwritten notes on a bumpy bus journey knows that. With technical precision measurements, even ...

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The word platform is used in several different contexts, usually referring to some kind of standing surface used to support things, give them stability, or visibility:

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