EU accuses Apple of breaking bloc's digital rules

Apple risks billions of euros in fines after the European Union on Monday accused the iPhone maker of violating the bloc's landmark digital rules by hindering competition on its App Store.


US imposes sanctions on spyware group members

US authorities announced sanctions Tuesday on parties associated with Intellexa Consortium, citing their role in making and distributing commercial spyware used to target US officials, journalists and others.


Corporate race to use AI puts public at risk, study finds

A rush by Australian companies to use generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is escalating the privacy and security risks to the public as well as to staff, customers and stakeholders, according to a new study.


Biden on TikTok: 'lol' or national security worry?

US President Joe Biden's debut on TikTok has caused a stir—not least because the Chinese-owned social media platform is still officially considered a security risk by Washington.


EU hails 'change' as Apple opens App Store to competition

The European Union's digital enforcer celebrated on Friday the "change" underway in the tech world after Apple yielded to a new EU law by announcing it would allow alternative app stores on the iPhone for the first time.

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