71% of musicians fear AI: French-German study

More than two-thirds of musicians fear that artificial intelligence will make it impossible to make a living, according to a study by French and German music societies published Tuesday.

Energy & Green Tech

New report updates NASA on space-based solar power

Space-based solar power offers tantalizing possibilities for sustainable energy—in the future, orbital collection systems could harvest energy in space, and beam it wirelessly back to Earth. These systems could serve remote ...


Artificial intelligence for digital marketing

A study in the International Journal of Business Information Systems has looked at the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on digital marketing. The researchers provide a pragmatic view of the future of this area of marketing ...


Researchers use AI to make mobile networks more efficient

A new artificial intelligence (AI) model, developed by the University of Surrey, could help the UK's telecommunications network save up to 76% in network resources compared to the market's most robust Open Radio Access Network ...

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