Consumer & Gadgets

Q&A: To like or not to like—Facebook at 20

Those who are old enough might remember when "The Facebook" was a more exclusive club—one where only American college kids could post raucous party pix, browse through a crush's public photo albums or track down childhood ...


New research combats burgeoning threat of deepfake audio

With every passing day, it seems like it is getting harder to trust what you see—and hear—on the internet. Deepfakes and doctored audio have become easier to create with the press of a button. New research by three School ...

Energy & Green Tech

Researchers develop method for collecting clean water from fog

In countries such as Peru, Bolivia and Chile, it's not uncommon for people who live in foggy areas to hang up nets to catch droplets of water. The same is true of Morocco and Oman. These droplets then trickle down the mesh ...

Energy & Green Tech

Steam cuisine: cooking in Japan's hot springs

Using geothermal resources to generate electricity is a divisive prospect in Japan, but there is little disagreement about another use for it: natural steam for cooking.

Energy & Green Tech

Hot spring baths block Japan's geothermal potential

With over 100 active volcanos, Japan has the world's third largest geothermal resources, but also a powerful industry that has steadfastly opposed developing the sector: hot springs.

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