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Startup unveils 'car of future' for $45,000

A Chinese startup unveiled its vision for the automobile of the future Sunday, promising to deliver an "intuitive and intelligent" car to global markets starting next year from around $45,000.

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Drive.ai focus is on retrofitted self-driving kit for business fleets

(Tech Xplore)—Drive. ai is a team to watch as the world's drivers face a future of self-driving cars. On Tuesday Drive.ai introduced its path to support, through its technology, the commercialization of self-driving cars.

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Mobility technology: Will transport revolution live up to the hype?

Over the past decade almost US$200 billion has been invested globally in mobility technology that promises to improve our ability to get around. More than US$33 billion was invested last year alone. Another measure of interest ...


'Pheno-Inspect' accelerates plant cultivation

What's the growth like? Have pests and diseases struck? Are the increased droughts affecting the plants? Breeders of new varieties have to collect extensive data on these questions. The start-up "Pheno-Inspect" of the University ...

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