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'Flying taxis' to be tested during Paris Olympics: Minister

France's transport minister said Wednesday that so-called "flying taxis"—large futuristic drones capable of transporting several people—would be authorized for use on an experimental basis during the Paris Olympics.


Virtual sensors help aerial vehicles stay aloft when rotors fail

No crystal ball is needed to envision a future that engineers have in mind, one in which air taxis and other flying vehicles ferry passengers between urban locations, avoiding the growing gridlock on the ground below. Companies ...

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Volocopter flying taxi seeks to seduce Paris

A German company is seeking to use the exposure generated by the Paris Olympics to overcome the opposition of local politicians and demonstrate that flying taxis can serve the French capital.


NASA flies drones autonomously for air taxi research

Researchers at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia recently flew multiple drones beyond visual line of sight with no visual observer. The drones successfully flew around obstacles and each other during takeoff, ...

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