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Virtual reality makes splash, but not ready for prime time

Virtual reality showed off its spectacular side at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, whisking people onto hockey arenas, baseball fields and even into the internet with animated film trouble-maker "Wreck-it Ralph."

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Virtual reality: Do you feel that wall?

(Tech Xplore)—Researchers are thinking on the lines of raising the bar on the virtual reality experience— by adding haptics to virtual reality walls and other heavy objects. Instead of your fingers passing right through ...

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Ten cool applications for virtual reality that aren't just games

When you mention virtual reality (VR), most people's thoughts turn to video games. Indeed, Sony has just announced its new Playstation VR headset. But VR isn't just about gaming. There are many other interesting and exciting ...

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Samsung VR on roller coasters in nine thrill-vending parks

Samsung's VR technology is coming to nine Six Flags locations starting this month. Six Flags Entertainment and Samsung Electronics America are the two partners in a move that involves nine Six Flags parks.