Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Thursday is Earth Day, and Google is commemorating the event encouraging people to be more environmentally conscious with an update to its logo.

If you go to the primary page for Google search, you'll watch an adorable video that starts with a young girl planting a tree. As the tree grows and the young girl becomes older, she then plants another tree with a child. The video continues showing generations of people populating the world with trees.

Google said the doodle "highlights how everyone can plant the seed to a brighter future."

Sophie Diao, the artist who created Thursday's doodle, said she was inspired by stories of people who planted trees at a young age and cared for them throughout their lives.

"One person can pass a sapling to someone else, and can sustain through many generations of human lives," said Diao in a statement. "Even if each person just plants one tree, if you share it with enough people, eventually you can create an entire forest."