Internet news


Microsoft debuts portable data center to bring cloud computing to remote environments

Microsoft Corporation has announced on its website the development of a portable data center that can be used to bring cloud computing to remote environments. In their announcement, Microsoft describes their Azure Modular ...


The US is taking on Google in a huge antitrust case—it could change the face of online search

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google for unlawful monopolization. The department says Google's conduct harms competition and consumers, and reduces the ability of new innovative ...


Irish data regulator probes Instagram use of child data

Ireland's data protection agency is investigating Instagram following concerns over how the image-sharing social platform handles children's personal data, a spokesman said Monday.


Tech glitch takes Twitter offline

Twitter went offline for almost two hours on Thursday, in an outage that the social media platform—used by hundreds of millions worldwide—blamed on a technical glitch.

Cybercrime money-launders busted by European police, FBI

European and American officials said Thursday that they have arrested 20 people in several countries for allegedly belonging to an international ring that laundered millions of euros stolen by cybercriminals through malware ...