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New research finds electric vehicles depreciate faster than gas cars, but the trend is changing

Thinking of buying an electric vehicle but unsure about its resale value? New research finds that while older electric vehicle models depreciate in value faster than conventional gas cars, newer electric vehicle models with ...

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Visualizing the 1800s or designing wedding invitations: Six ways you can use AI beyond generating text

As more than half of Australian office workers report using generative artificial intelligence (AI) for work, we're starting to see this technology affect every part of society, from banking and finance through to weather ...

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AI can write you a poem and edit your video. Now, it can help you be funnier

University of Sydney researchers have used an AI-assisted application to help people write cartoon captions for cartoons published in The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest.


Google unveils new updates to make trip planning easier for travelers

Google Maps is launching new updates that are intended to make finding travel inspiration and local recommendations in your destination easier. Users will start seeing these lists of suggestions popping up in Google Maps ...

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Why won't some people use a smartphone? And is that difficult?

In a world where more and more services and social interaction are based on mobile apps, a smartphone has become close to a necessity. Despite this, some people avoid smartphones and instead use a dumbphone—a traditional ...