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Opera for Android ushers in new night mode

With version 55 of its Android browser, Oslo, Norway-based Opera has a redesigned night mode that "reduces the light pollution caused by your phone to the bare minimum."


Facebook's crisis response tools get extended to WhatsApp

Facebook is expanding the way people in disaster zones can request help.

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2019 tech gifts: A little something for everyone

Some gift guides have a theme, but this week we have a variety of very cool gifts that would be welcome Christmas gifts for anyone - techies or not.

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Facebook, Apple TV+ or 5G: Which tops the list of Tech Turkeys for 2019

Thanksgiving is behind us, but there's one more serving on the menu: our annual look back at the tech turkeys of 2019.

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You want to cut the cord and still get CNN?

You've heard about the cost benefits of cutting the cord and saving lots of money from your cable bill, are ready to do it, but there's one big concern.

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Ambient Mode announced for some Android phones

As far as Android announcements go, the one for Google Assistant Ambient Mode was more like a pleasant cowbell ring than a blasting trumpet but nonetheless it is a new feature and will please those who like the idea of being ...

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Amazon will make Alexa good to go with little appliances

Amazon had something big to say about Alexa on Monday. Hardware manufacturers would be especially gratified to know that they can directly have Alexa built-in to their little products with low-powered chips and 1MB of RAM.

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Before you buy, consider privacy please

This weekend, many folks will be poring over retail circulars, online ads and promotions, doing their research to get ahead on the best deals for Black Friday gifts.

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Microscope kit transforms smartphones into lab tools

Your phone as camera, check, your phone as fitness counter, check, your phone as GPS, check...and now your phone as microscope? Diple is a portable kit that transforms any smartphone into a microscope. Its makers have turned ...