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Review: Five new features I'm excited about in Apple's iOS 14

It's July, which means, hey everyone, we're only about three months away from getting our hands on a new iPhone!

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Fuji envisions 400TB tape drive

Fujifilm announced a technological breakthrough that will allow it to construct a massive 400 terabyte tape cartridge by the end of the decade.


New open-source software aims to reduce cybersickness in VR use

Cybersickness, or motion sickness during the use of virtual reality, can be a major roadblock to the development and adoption of augmented and virtual reality technology. Now researchers at UTSA have built GingerVR, the first ...

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Shedding light (and sound) on hidden IoT devices in your next hotel room

More than 1 in 10 Airbnb guests have found hidden cameras in their rooms, according to a survey of 2,000 people conducted last year. This isn't unique to Airbnb; hidden cameras have been found in hotels and hostels all around ...

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Apple previews new iPhone software, changes to Mac chips

Apple on Monday provided a glimpse at upcoming software changes designed to make the iPhone even easier to use and also announced a long-anticipated shift to a new type of chip to power its line of Mac computers.

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Sony pulls back curtain on PlayStation 5 console

Sony on Thursday gave the world the first look at its upcoming PlayStation 5, along with a glimpse at action-packed games being tailored for the next-generation consoles.