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Amazon's new grocery store is watching our every move—but we asked for this

In Amazon's new grocery store, there are no registers, and you can walk out as soon as you've grabbed what you need. The catch? All the information about your purchase lives in sensors, computers, and the cameras hanging ...

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Email still beats texts—for hackers phishing for your data

Despite all the attention given to phishing attacks, and high profile hacks, email still remains the number one place where victims fall prey to bad guys.

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Bluetooth stickers on your clothing? Startup Wiliot gets $20M for tracking tech

Giants in technology and consumer products are funneling more cash into a small tech startup in San Diego that's developing tiny bluetooth stickers that can transform everyday items—like clothing, wallets, or Amazon packages—to ...


TikTok offers feature that gives parents more control over their kids' access

Parents concerned with their children's TikTok obsession can perk up with the app's new feature that lets them have more control over how many videos is too many.

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Team develops bracelet that jams microphones

The very topic of digital assistants and home smart devices sporting microphones and the potential for the outside world to listen in on recordings is not a comfortable one, to say the least. It's no longer a simple case ...