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Artificial tactile system study: Robots' sense of touch could be as fast as humans

Research at Uppsala University and Karolinska Institutet could pave the way for a prosthetic hand and robot to be able to feel touch like a human hand. Their study has been published in the journal Science. The technology ...

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Brain-machine interface device predicts internal speech in second patient

Caltech neuroscientists are making promising progress toward showing that a device known as a brain–machine interface (BMI), which they developed to implant into the brains of patients who have lost the ability to speak, ...

Electronics & Semiconductors

Eyes of tomorrow: Smart contact lenses lead the way for human-machine interaction

Scientists from Nanjing, China, have developed eye-tracking smart content lenses based on radio frequency tags that can be used for various applications, including health care and augmented reality (AR). The lenses are biocompatible ...

Energy & Green Tech

Scientists convert chicken fat into energy storage devices

The global move toward more sustainable, green energy has increased power reserves and the demand for energy storage devices. Unfortunately, some materials for these devices can be expensive and environmentally problematic. ...

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AI and holography bring 3D augmented reality to regular glasses

Researchers in the emerging field of spatial computing have developed a prototype augmented reality headset that uses holographic imaging to overlay full-color, 3D moving images on the lenses of what would appear to be an ...


How the EU transformed tech

As millions of voters prepare for next month's European Parliament elections, AFP explores some of the deep transformations the 27-member bloc has made in the field of technology.