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Accelerating the pace of machine learning

Machine learning happens a lot like erosion.

Computer Sciences

Teaching physics to AI allows it to discover new insights into material properties

Researchers at Duke University have demonstrated that incorporating known physics into machine learning algorithms can help the inscrutable black boxes attain new levels of transparency and insight into material properties.

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Cryptography in the blockchain era

The advent of blockchains has ignited much excitement, not only for their realization of novel financial instruments, but also for offering alternative solutions to classical problems in fault-tolerant distributed computing ...

Computer Sciences

Energy-efficient AI hardware technology via a brain-inspired stashing system

Researchers have proposed a novel AI system inspired by the neuromodulation of the brain, referred to as a "stashing system," that requires less energy consumption. The research group led by Professor Kyung Min Kim from the ...


A new approach for safer control of mobile robotic arms

Researchers at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of Oxford, and the Tencent Robotics X Lab have recently introduced a configuration-aware policy for safely controlling mobile robotic arms. This policy, introduced ...

Computer Sciences

New approach allows for faster ransomware detection

Researchers have developed a new approach for implementing ransomware detection techniques, allowing them to detect a broad range of ransomware far more quickly than using previous systems.