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A space-time coding metasurface antenna for efficient and secure communications

Antennas that can couple guided waves emitted from different sources in free space and manipulate these waves are crucial to the development of numerous technologies, including wireless communication, optical communication ...


The world's first successful optical switching of 15-mode multiplexed signals by spatial optical switch prototype

A group of researchers from the Network Research Institute of the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT, Japan) led by Ruben Soares Luís, along with its partners, has achieved the first demonstration ...


1.53 petabit per second transmission in 55-mode fiber with standard cladding diameter

The world's first 55-mode transmission at a record data-rate of 1.53 petabits per second in any standard cladding diameter optical fiber was demonstrated. This novel 55-mode fiber enables ultra-high spectral efficiency with ...


Successful demo of long-range remotely-controlled vessels

Wednesday, November 9 saw the first fully-automated demonstration of AVATARs—autonomous emission-free waterways vessels—on the pond in front of the 3mE building.


Tackling the high-voltage needs of next-gen satellites

Scientists at the Swiss Plasma Center at EPFL, in collaboration with Beyond Gravity and with the support of the ESA, have developed a slip ring assembly that can more than triple the operational voltage of new-generation, ...


USDA announces $759M for high-speed internet in rural areas

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is making available $759 million in grants and loans to enable rural communities to access high-speed internet, part of the broader $65 billion push for high-speed connectivity from last ...