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New method: More timely and reliable transmission of wireless sensor networks

Since sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are cheap and powered by batteries, their capabilities in communication and energy supply are relatively weak and limited. The deployment of relay nodes in constructing ...


Sports not your thing? Streaming options from Philo might be for you

Sure, the Super Bowl, March Madness and the World Series all are national obsessions, but not everyone craves TV sports.

Consumer & Gadgets

'One more episode, please?' Why we can't stop binge-watching on Netflix

The increasing popularity of global media content like American TV series has been considered as one notable factor associated with binge-watching practices, or continuously consuming media content in a single session.


Australian court approves $10 bn Vodafone-TPG merger

Two of Australia's largest telecommunications firms appear set to merge, after a court ruled on Thursday that the multi-billion-dollar deal between Vodafone and TPG would not pose a major threat to competition.


Study shows explosive growth in time spent streaming TV

Streaming services like Netflix or Hulu account for 19% of television viewing in the United States now for people who have that capacity, virtually double what it was less than two years ago, a report out Wednesday said.

Electronics & Semiconductors

A vision for the creation of 6G communications

Now that the standardization of fifth-generation (5G) communications has been accomplished, with the 5G network set to be launched this year, researchers have already started thinking about what a 6G network could look like. ...


Huawei promises 'Made in Europe' 5G for EU

Chinese telecom giant Huawei said on Tuesday it would set up manufacturing hubs in Europe, as it tries to fight off US pressure on EU nations to stop it from operating.