Telecom news


Researchers find Google's new congestion control algorithm does not treat data fairly

If the Internet had its own superhero, it might be the congestion control algorithm (CCA). CCAs are an essential piece of code Internet giants use to ensure that the Internet doesn't cripple amid a massive data traffic jam. ...


Antenna system with tenfold speedup in data transmit and receive rates

The use of wireless devices is exploding. Statista, an international research service, estimated in March 2019 that roughly 13 billion mobile devices (e.g., phones, tablets, laptops) were in use worldwide, and Gartner, a ...


5G wireless to connect robots on the ground to AI in the cloud

A research team at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, with the support of the National Science Foundation's National Robotics Initiative 2.0, is building the foundations of a wireless system that takes advantage of superfast ...


EU warns hostile countries are 5G risk, avoids naming names

The European Union warned Wednesday that next-generation telecommunication networks face a range of cyber threats, including from hostile countries.


Court: FCC can dump net neutrality, but can't bar state laws

A federal court has cleared the way for state and local governments to bar internet providers from favoring some services over others, even as the court affirmed the Federal Communications Commission's right to dump national ...


Russia rolls out the red carpet for Huawei over 5G

While the US banned Huawei for alleged espionage and asked its allies to do the same, Moscow has rolled out the red carpet for the Chinese tech company, letting it develop 5G networks in Russia.