Telecom news


Major carriers, state AGs will work to combat robocalls

Major phone companies have pledged to do more to fight robocalls plaguing Americans, the country's state attorneys general say.


Do pricier, faster internet plans improve streaming video quality?

Over three-quarters of today's internet traffic comes from streaming video, a number that is only projected to rise over time. To meet this demand, internet service providers offer consumers faster data speeds at premium ...


Real-time 4K video transmission made possible with high-speed millimetre wave technology

Researchers have developed a millimeter wave (mmW) wireless communication system, enabling long-distance communication and transmitting 4K uncompressed video from a drone in real time.


Better video streaming when WiFi is scarce

In an era when the average U.S. household has five internet-connected devices, web surfers may often feel like they're always fighting over scraps of WiFi. How can a whole family all binge their favorite shows without somebody's ...


Cuba expands internet access, but under a very wary eye

All Cubans can now have Wi-Fi in their homes, as the island's government extends internet access even while trying to maintain control over its version of the "truth" and to defend its legitimacy, a top official tells AFP.