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Scammers can slip fake texts into legitimate SMS threads. Will a government crackdown stop them?

Are you tired of receiving SMS scams pretending to be from Australia Post, the tax office, MyGov and banks? You're not alone. Each year, thousands of Australians fall victim to SMS scams. And losses have surged in recent ...


Scientists develop energy-saving, tunable meta-devices for high-precision, secure 6G communications

The future of wireless communications is set to take a giant leap with the advent of sixth-generation (6G) wireless technology. A research team at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) invented a groundbreaking tunable terahertz ...


Researchers test smart surfaces to improve wireless communication and localization

It's happened to anyone with a cell phone—dropped calls or dead air because suddenly there is no service available. Or worse, the location pin drops on the navigation app.


Cyclone Gabrielle broke vital communication links when people needed them most—what happened and how do we fix it?

Modern communication systems need two main things: power, and what engineers call "backhaul", the connections that link cell towers and exchanges to the national network. When Cyclone Gabrielle struck, both were badly compromised.


Underwater acoustic wireless communication using TCP/IP

Acoustic communication through water is well known in many species of sea creatures—whales, dolphins and other cetaceans, perhaps being the best known examples. But, crustaceans and fish also often communicate through water ...


Huawei dominates MWC mobile tech fair despite US sanctions

A contingent of Chinese companies led by technology giant Huawei is turning the world's biggest wireless trade fair into an opportunity to show their muscle in the face of Huawei's blacklisting by Western nations concerned ...


Telecom firms aim to shrug off slump at annual get-together

Telecom companies will aim to put a positive spin on their current slump in fortunes when they gather in the Spanish city of Barcelona on Monday for the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC), the biggest event in the industry's ...


Ericsson to cut 8,500 jobs worldwide

Telecom equipment maker Ericsson said Friday it would slash 8,500 jobs worldwide, part of a cost-cutting program as financial headwinds push operators to rein in spending.

Electronics & Semiconductors

Improving the performance of satellites in low earth orbit

On-chip distributed radiation sensors and current-sharing techniques can be used to reduce the impact of radiation on the radio and power consumption of small satellites, respectively, as shown by scientists from Tokyo Tech. ...