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Screen time: Conclusions about the effects of digital media are often incomplete, irrelevant or wrong

There's a lot of talk about digital media. Increasing screen time has created worries about media's impacts on democracy, addiction, depression, relationships, learning, health, privacy and much more. The effects are frequently ...


Cutting the cord: As prices go up, here's how you can still save money streaming

For years, cutting the pay-TV cord has been seen as a way to save money—you don't pay for channels you don't watch and are free from long-term contracts.


Clearer, faster, smoother: Improving online video watching on cellular networks

Each one of us could be watching an online video at some point on any given day. We could be following the news, listening to a report, learning from a how-to video, taking in sports highlights or watching a TV show.


Superfast 5G on the slow road at gadget gala

It will be revolutionary when superfast 5G mobile networks come to our gadgets, cars and digital lives.


Trump signs law to reduce robocalls, though they won't end

An anti-robocalls measure signed into law Monday by President Donald Trump should help reduce the torrent of unwanted calls promising lower interest rates or pretending to be the IRS, though it won't make all such calls disappear.


Russia tests 'sovereign' internet amid fears of online isolation

Russia carried out tests Monday to ensure the "security" of its internet infrastructure in case of a foreign cyberattack as part of measures that rights activists worry could also tighten censorship and lead to online isolation.


How the price of bandwidth can be cut in African countries

All over the world, the internet has provided extraordinary socioeconomic opportunities to businesses, governments, and individuals. But less developed countries still face numerous obstacles to maximise its potential. The ...


US lawmakers fault regulators on T-Mobile-Sprint tie-up

US Democratic lawmakers on Monday criticized the process for approving the merger of wireless carriers T-Mobile and Sprint, saying regulators downplayed the competition implications of the $26 billion deal.

Consumer & Gadgets

RCS rollout for Android raises messaging expectations

SMS is so 2019. RCS is where the cool will stand around and chat, or so the vision goes at Google which has finally completed the process of rolling out the RCS set of communication standards