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Energy & Green Tech

New financial analysis tool for long-duration energy storage in deeply decarbonized grids

Renewable energy generation technologies such as solar, wind, and hydro continue to gain popularity worldwide. As more and more renewable generation enters the grid, the success of these clean technologies will increasingly ...

Energy & Green Tech

China nuclear reactor shut down for maintenance after damage

A reactor at a nuclear plant in southern China has been shut down because it is damaged, the operator said Friday, but it insisted there were no major safety issues.

Energy & Green Tech

From grey to green: world cities uprooting the urban jungle

From lettuces farmed on New York's skyline to thick corridors of trees occupying once desolate Colombian roadsides, green initiatives are running wild in cities around the world.

Energy & Green Tech

3D optical memory devices using fluorescent materials would significantly cut global electricity consumption

There's always room for another bright idea when it comes to safely storing the colossal amounts of electronic information we produce every day.

Consumer & Gadgets

Dark mode may not save battery life as much as anticipated

When Android and Apple operating system updates started giving users the option to put their smartphones in dark mode, the feature showed potential for saving the battery life of newer phones with screens that allow darker-colored ...

Energy & Green Tech

'AirBubble' offers respite from Warsaw pollution

At a new playground in central Warsaw, algae feast on pollutants and carbon dioxide to provide a bubble of clean oxygen in a city ranked as one of the most polluted capitals in the EU.

Energy & Green Tech

Research illuminates how energy costs vary nationwide

Costs for energy are borne unequally across the U.S. population. Argonne research is providing key data that can help inform decisions about which technologies can reduce disparities.