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Machine learning & AI

Using illustrations to train an image-free computer vision system to recognize real photos

You've likely heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, but can a large language model (LLM) get the picture if it's never seen images before?


Wear it, then recycle: Designers make dissolvable textiles from gelatin

Introducing the fashion of the future: A T-shirt that you can wear a few times, then, when you get bored with it, dissolve and recycle to make a new shirt.


Towards wider 5G network coverage: Scientists design novel wirelessly powered relay transceiver array

A novel 256-element wirelessly powered transceiver array for non-line-of-sight 5G communication, featuring efficient wireless power transmission and high-power conversion efficiency, has been designed by scientists at Tokyo ...

Machine learning & AI

Researchers teach AI to spot what you're sketching

A new way to teach artificial intelligence (AI) to understand human line drawings—even from non-artists—has been developed by a team from the University of Surrey and Stanford University.