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Energy & Green Tech

A heteropoly acid negolyte that could enhance the performance of aqueous redox flow batteries at low temperatures

In recent years, engineers have been developing a wide range of new battery technologies and solutions. One of these are redox flow batteries, devices that can store electrochemical energy by converting chemical energy into ...


When a machine invents things for humanity, who gets the patent?

The day is coming—some say has already arrived—when artificial intelligence starts to invent things that its human creators could not. But our laws are lagging behind this technology, UNSW experts say.


Biomedical engineers design drug-delivery solution for low-resource settings

Administering medications to children poses unique challenges, especially in resource-limited countries with high infant and child mortality rates. Many drugs are solids or tablets, which are not easily swallowed by children ...


There are systems 'guarding' your data in cyberspace, but who is guarding the guards?

We use internet-connected devices to access our bank accounts, keep our transport systems moving, communicate with our colleagues, listen to music, undertake commercially sensitive tasks—and order pizza. Digital security ...

Electronics & Semiconductors

Novel scheme for logic operations running at 1 Tb/s

Due to their unique capabilities for implementing all-optical logic gates, quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifiers (QD-SOAs) can help to cope with the vast information capacity in modern telecommunication networks.

Computer Sciences

Autonomous vehicles can be tricked into dangerous driving behavior

When a driverless car is in motion, one faulty decision by its collision-avoidance system can lead to disaster, but researchers at the University of California, Irvine have identified another possible risk: Autonomous vehicles ...

Machine learning & AI

Is diversity the key to collaboration? New AI research suggests so

As artificial intelligence gets better at performing tasks once solely in the hands of humans, like driving cars, many see teaming intelligence as a next frontier. In this future, humans and AI are true partners in high-stakes ...