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Hi Tech & Innovation

Virtual and mixed realities converge in new driving simulator

Portobello, a new driving simulator developed by researchers at Cornell Tech, blends virtual and mixed realities, enabling both drivers and passengers to see virtual objects overlaid in the real world.

Energy & Green Tech

New catalyst unveils the hidden power of water for green hydrogen generation

Hydrogen is a promising chemical and energy vector to decarbonize our society. Unlike conventional fuels, hydrogen utilization as a fuel does not generate carbon dioxide in return. Unfortunately, today, most of the hydrogen ...

Energy & Green Tech

New polymer electrolyte membranes for fuel cells can operate at up to 250 °C

Hydrogen fuel cells, devices that can convert the chemical energy stored in hydrogen into electrical energy via an electrochemical reaction, are promising solutions for electrifying large vehicles. Fuel cells based on low-temperature ...

Computer Sciences

Research into 'hallucinating' generative models advances reliability of artificial intelligence

Researchers from the University of Oxford have made a significant advance toward ensuring that information produced by generative artificial intelligence (AI) is robust and reliable.


AI system successfully operates 16-ton forest machine

For the first time, scientists have succeeded in creating a self-driving forest machine controlled by artificial intelligence. In a study at Umeå University, an AI system was developed that can operate a 16-ton machine without ...