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Floating photovoltaics could limit Africa's future reliance on hydro-generated energy

Floating photovoltaics (FPV), also known as floating solar farms, are photovoltaic systems that can be deployed on the sea's surface or on other bodies of water. While their environmental impact is still the topic of debate ...

Energy & Green Tech

Sun, sustainability, and silicon: A double dose of solar fuel research

The race is on to develop a new generation of liquid fuels that are activated by sunlight, and Yale researchers are helping to lead the way.


Researchers find LLMs are easy to manipulate into giving harmful information

A team of AI researchers at AWS AI Labs, Amazon, has found that most, if not all, publicly available Large Language Models (LLMs) can be easily tricked into revealing dangerous or unethical information.


A promising three-terminal diode for wireless communication and optically driven computing

Two-terminal devices are electronic components connected to electrical circuits via two electrical terminals. Although these components are the key building blocks of most existing devices, they can limit a system's performance ...


Scientists develop a soft robot that mimics a spider's leg

Researchers Indrek Must and Kadri-Ann Valdur of the Institute of Technology of the University of Tartu have created a robot leg modeled after the leg of a cucumber spider. The soft robot created in cooperation with the Italian ...


Animal-brain-inspired AI game changer for autonomous robots

A team of researchers at Delft University of Technology has developed a drone that flies autonomously using neuromorphic image processing and control based on the workings of animal brains. Animal brains use less data and ...