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Electronics & Semiconductors

Micro-sized optical spectrometer operates across visible spectrum with sub-5-nm resolution

Optical spectrometers are versatile instruments that can produce light and measure its properties over specific portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. These instruments can have various possible applications; for instance, ...

Machine learning & AI

Researchers develop framework to merge AI and human intelligence for process safety

Artificial intelligence (AI) has grown rapidly in the last few years, and with that increase, industries have been able to automate and improve their efficiency in operations.

Computer Sciences

Neural network learns to build maps using Minecraft

Imagine you are in the middle of an unknown town. Even if your surroundings are initially unfamiliar, you can explore around and eventually create a mental map of your environment—where the buildings, streets, signs, and ...

Energy & Green Tech

Study unveils solvent-free dry electrodes that boost lithium-ion battery performance

A team of researchers, affiliated with UNIST has made a significant breakthrough in developing an eco-friendly dry electrode manufacturing process for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). The new process, which does not require ...

Energy & Green Tech

New humidity-driven membrane removes carbon dioxide from the air

Direct air capture was identified as one of the "seven chemical separations to change the world." This is because although carbon dioxide is the main contributor to climate change (we release ~40 billion tons into the atmosphere ...


Machine learning unlocks secrets to advanced alloys

The concept of short-range order (SRO)—the arrangement of atoms over small distances—in metallic alloys has been underexplored in materials science and engineering. But the past decade has seen renewed interest in quantifying ...


New parameter helps clarify how soft materials fail under stress

Understanding how soft materials fail under stress is critical for solving engineering challenges as disparate as pharmaceutical technology and landslide prevention. A new study linking a spectrum of soft material behaviors—previously ...


Tiny sunlight-powered drone flies for an hour

A team of engineers at Beihang University, working with a colleague from Center of Advanced Aero-Engine, both in China, has developed a micro-aerial vehicle that flies using direct sunlight. They reported their results in ...