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Computer Sciences

An open-source machine learning framework to carry out systematic reviews

When scientists carry out research on a given topic, they often start by reviewing previous study findings. Conducting systematic literature reviews or meta-analyses can be very challenging and time consuming, as there are ...

Energy & Green Tech

A fluid solution to dendrite growth in lithium metal batteries

A new paper from associate professor Jiandi Wan's group in the UC Davis Department of Chemical Engineering, published in Science Advances, proposes a potential solution to dendrite growth in rechargeable lithium metal batteries. ...

Consumer & Gadgets

Adapting to hybrid remote-office work with Google Workspace

In preparation for a post-pandemic reality, Google has upgraded its platform Google Workspace tools to better serve a remote working environment.


Study finds ideal placement, pressure for armband that could track heart rate

North Carolina State University researchers took a step forward in the development of an armband that could track the heart's electrical activity without requiring bulky wiring or sticky gel on the skin.

Energy & Green Tech

Study shows promising potential for marine biofuel

For several years now, the biofuels that power cars, jet airplanes, ships and big trucks have come primarily from corn and other mass-produced farm crops. Researchers at USC, though, have looked to the ocean for what could ...

Computer Sciences

Cybersecurity researchers build a better 'canary trap'

During World War II, British intelligence agents planted false documents on a corpse to fool Nazi Germany into preparing for an assault on Greece. "Operation Mincemeat" was a success, and covered the actual Allied invasion ...