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Human-like real-time sketching by a humanoid robot

The rapid advancement of deep learning algorithms and generative models has enabled the automated production of increasingly striking AI-generated artistic content. Most of this AI-generated art, however, is created by algorithms ...


An inchworm-inspired robot with enhanced transport capabilities

Soft robots inspired by animals can help to tackle real-world problems in efficient and innovative ways. Roboticists have been working to continuously broaden and improve these robots' capabilities, as this could open new ...


Researchers introduce biomineralization as a sustainable strategy against microbial corrosion in marine concrete

Microbially induced corrosion (MIC) is a prevalent issue in marine environments, leading to structural damages such as cracking in concrete infrastructure. This corrosion poses a persistent challenge, significantly reducing ...


Method identified to double computer processing speeds

Imagine doubling the processing power of your smartphone, tablet, personal computer, or server using the existing hardware already in these devices.


A DVD-sized disk that can store 1 million movies

A team of photonic engineers affiliated with several institutions in China has developed a new type of optical DVD that is capable of holding up to a petabyte of data. The group used a new material to coat the DVDs and new ...

Energy & Green Tech

ChatGrid: A new generative AI tool for power grid visualization

Every minute of every day, grid operators monitor the ebb and flow of electricity from generators to substations to homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and more. They make sure that the supply of electricity matches the ...


AI-driven method helps improve quality assurance for wind turbines

An international collaboration between EPFL and the University of Glasgow has led to an advanced machine-learning algorithm to effectively detect concealed manufacturing defects in wind turbine composite blades—before turbines ...

Computer Sciences

Quantum annealers and the future of prime factorization

Researchers at the University of Trento, Italy, have developed a novel approach for prime factorization via quantum annealing, leveraging a compact modular encoding paradigm and enabling the factorization of large numbers ...

Energy & Green Tech

New 'water batteries' stay cool under pressure

A global team of researchers and industry collaborators led by RMIT University has invented recyclable 'water batteries' that won't catch fire or explode.