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Hi Tech & Innovation

Microsoft teases lifelike avatar AI tech but gives no release date

Researchers at Microsoft have revealed a new artificial tool that can create deeply realistic human avatars—but offered no timetable to make it available to the public, citing concerns about facilitating deep fake content.

Energy & Green Tech

Researchers develop sodium battery capable of rapid charging in just a few seconds

Sodium (Na), which is over 500 times more abundant than lithium (Li), has recently garnered significant attention for its potential in sodium-ion battery technologies. However, existing sodium-ion batteries face fundamental ...

Electronics & Semiconductors

A flexible and efficient DC power converter for sustainable-energy microgrids

A new DC-DC power converter is superior to previous designs and paves the way for more efficient, reliable and sustainable energy storage and conversion solutions. The Kobe University development can efficiently interface ...

Machine learning & AI

To build a better AI helper, start by modeling the irrational behavior of humans

To build AI systems that can collaborate effectively with humans, it helps to have a good model of human behavior to start with. But humans tend to behave suboptimally when making decisions.

Machine learning & AI

Team develops a way to teach a computer to type like a human

An entirely new predictive typing model can simulate different kinds of users, helping reveal ways to optimize how we use our phones. Developed by researchers at Aalto University, the new model captures the difference between ...