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New wearable sensor makes continuous analysis of sweat possible, researchers say

Continuous monitoring of sweat can reveal valuable information about human health, such as the body's glucose levels. However, wearable sensors previously developed for this purpose have been lacking, unable to withstand ...


Sandcastle worm nests inspire new low-carbon building materials

Sandcastle worms are marine creatures about two inches long that build huge colonies of honeycombed, reef-like structures by cementing sand grains together.

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Meta putting AI in smart glasses, assistants and more

Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday said the tech giant is putting artificial intelligence into digital assistants and smart glasses as it seeks to gain lost ground in the AI race.


MilliMobile is a tiny, self-driving robot powered only by light and radio waves

Small mobile robots carrying sensors could perform tasks like catching gas leaks or tracking warehouse inventory. But moving robots demands a lot of energy, and batteries, the typical power source, limit lifetime and raise ...